It is a great honour for me to be Director General, Urdu Science Board. Urdu Science Board, a subordinate office of National History and Literary Heritage Division, Government of Pakistan is playing a vital role in promoting science and scientific behaviour in the country. It is serving as the mainstay for the national goal of literacy, by providing low cost books on various topics of natural sciences, technical and social sciences in Urdu. Urdu Science Board, being a federal government organization, publishes dictionaries, encyclopedias, books and educational charts in Urdu for secondary, higher secondary, graduation and masters level students, teachers, researchers as well as general readers.

The prime objective of Urdu Science Board includes to familiarize the masses of the country with the new developments in the field of science and technology across the globe by converting the scientific knowledge into National Language i.e. Urdu. At Urdu Science Board, it is my utmost desire and ambition to transform it into a Centre of Excellence for the promotion of natural and social sciences in the country and to restore its glorious prestige of being a literary organization.

Dr. Nasir Abbas Nayyar

Director General