Dr. Nasir Abbas Nayyar

Director General

Dr. Nasir Abbas Nayyar is a distinguished critic, researcher and short story writer of Urdu. His research interests, embedded in interdisciplinary method, include Modern and Postmodern Literary Theory, Linguistics, Modern Urdu Literature and Post colonialism. He did his Ph D from BZU, Multan on Influence of Western Criticism on Urdu Criticism. He was awarded Post Doc fellowship in 2011 by SAI, Heidelberg University Germany. He has published over a dozen of books in Urdu.

He is the author of first book on post colonial study of Urdu language and literature, titled Mabad Nau Abadiat:Urdu kay tanzur MeiN published by Oxford University Press Karachi in 2013 followed by Saqafti Shankht aur Istemari Ijaradari, a study of selected Urdu courses taught in Indian schools during colonial period and Urdu Adab ki Tashkeel e Jadeed published by Oxford university press Karachi.OUP has also published his book on Meeraji titled Us ko Ik Shakhs Samjhna to Munasib Hi Nahi. Recently he has published his first collection of Urdu short stories titled Khak ki Mahek. He contributes regularly to the English daily The News. Before joining Urdu Science Board he was associated with Department of Urdu, Punjab University Lahore.

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